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Free AstroPuppy Song Lyrics and Finger Puppets! Song Lyrics
Song Lyrics! Print out the lyrics to the AstroPuppies in Space DVD. Have fun singing along with the movie!
AstroPuppies Theme Song (pdf) (text only)
Ridin' in a Rocket (pdf) (text only)
Giant Leap (pdf) (text only)
Solar Flare (pdf) (text only)
Eight Planets, Other Things (pdf) (text only)

Finger Puppets
AstroPuppy finger puppets! Click here to view and print a color copy of the AstroPuppies and their magic spaceship. Simply cut out the puppets and spaceship, tape the puppets around your fingers, and play along with the movie!

You will need Acrobat Reader to view the finger puppets. Click on the link to download the latest version.

Paint a Spaceship

Spaceship PaintingYou will need a large white piece of paper, tempera paints, paint brushes, cups for paint and water, a pencil, newspaper, and a sponge or paper towels to clean up. You can also use water colors, markers or crayons instead of tempera.

Spread some newspaper out under your paper and paints. Using a pencil, draw a large rectangle on the paper for the spaceship’s body. Then draw a triangle at one end of the rectangle—this will be the nose cone. At the other end of the rectangle, draw two small rectangles for the rocket boosters and add some flames shooting out of them. Draw a triangle on each side of the rectangle for the wings. Add circles on the rectangle for the windows. Astronauts love to look out the windows at the view from space! Paint the spaceship with different colors of paint, or use markers or crayons to decorate your picture. If you want to, you can add stars, planets, or a dark sky in the background.
Straw Rocket
Drinking Straw Rockets
Using a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11" paper, start in one corner of the paper and roll it tightly around a pencil and tape the end point. Remove the pencil. Trim both ends off square so the paper is about the length of a drinking straw. Fold one end over about 3/4 of an inch and tape with clear tape. Decorate your rocket with markers or crayons. Cut out two triangles measuring about 2" x 2" x 3 1/2". Fold each triangle in half and attach them to the sides the paper tube toward the open end. Insert a regular drinking straw into the open end and blow hard into the straw. Your rocket wil blast off! Make sure to wrap the paper nice and tight or it won't blast off.

Amazing Planet Prints

MarsCover a table with newspaper. Take an 8" round cake pan, and set it upside down on the newspaper. Using bronze, blue and green paint, completely cover the bottom of the cake pan. Press the pan bottom onto black paper to make a realistic-looking planet. Sponge stars shapes around the planet, flick white paint onto the paper using an old toothbrush or diluted paint in a spray bottle, or use sticky stars to complete the picture (if desired, background stars can be added to the black paper before making the planet print).

Milky Way Galaxy
Coffee Can, Ping Pong BallYou will need a large coffee can or oatmeal box, black construction paper to fit inside, ping pong ball or marble, white paint mixed with white glue, and stars.

Wrap black paper around the inside of the coffee can. Submerge a ping pong ball or marble in the paint, spoon the ball into can, put the top on can, and shake the can (you'll love this part). Once you are finished shaking, remove the paper, and place stars into your galaxy before the paint/glue dries. The pictures are beautiful, and reinforce the idea of the Milky Way.

Star Projector
Star ProjectorDraw seven dots on the bottom of a large, heavy paper cup in the design of the Big Dipper (see photo). With adult help, poke a hole through each of the dots with a paper clip, toothpick or pencil. Other constellation patterns, real or imaginary, can be made after trying the Big Dipper.

Turn off the lights and shine a flashlight through the cup. Project the Big Dipper or other constellations onto a ceiling or wall.

Astronaut Pudding
Eat like the astronauts do in space. Use one package of instant pudding for every 3 or 4 children. Divide the pudding mix evenly into ziplock sandwich bags. Add enough milk to each bag to correspond to the package directions. Mush, squeeze and shake the bags until the pudding starts to get thick — about 2 minutes. Chill it if you want or eat it right away. Just trim off one corner of the bag and suck it out like real astronauts do! Yum!!

Lunch in Space Lunch in Space
Everything floats in the Space Shuttle and in the International Space Station because there is less gravity in space than on Earth. To simulate this lack of gravity, suspend lots of play food from your bedroom ceiling or play area. Tape clear fishing line to the food and tack to the ceiling. The effect is great!

Moon Screaming and Stomping
Moon StompingDid you know that because there is no air on the moon, nothing makes a sound? Not your feet, not your voice, not even your spaceship. So, what would happen if you screamed on the moon?

Open your mouth and pretend to scream as loud as you can, but don’t make a sound. Pretend to talk to a friend, but don’t say anything out loud. Try to talk to your friend with just your hands and face and see if they understand what you’re saying. Astronauts talk to each other on the Moon by using radios built into their space suits.

Did you know there’s less gravity on the moon than on Earth, so astronauts feel light and bouncy when they walk? Well, even with all that stomping around, their feet don’t make a sound. Now it’s your turn. Take big bouncy, stomping steps around the room, but don’t make a sound when your feet touch the ground. Add your silent Moon Screaming to your Moon Stomping, and see how much fun it can be to pretend you’re on the Moon!


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