Astropuppies Theme

Verse 1
The Astropuppies climbed into
Their magic rocket ship.
They blasted into outer space
To take an magic trip!

They circled ‘round and ‘round the Earth.
For two whole days they flew.
They visited the space station,
Working with the crew.

Verse 2
The Astropuppies landed on the
Silent silver moon.
They dug for bones and looked for stones,
And sang a silly tune.

They looked down on the planet Earth.
It was a lovely sight.
The land was green, the water blue,
The clouds a milky white.

Verse 3
The AstroPuppies turned their
Magic rocket ship around.
They were as happy as can be,
For all the fun they found.

They headed homeward back to Earth,
Aboard their magic ship.
They waved good-bye to Sun and Moon
To end their magic trip.

Words by Kathy Marty & Tim Tully. Music by Tim Tully.
©2008 Tim Tully Music. All rights reserved.

** Use these lyrics to help children learn the words
to the songs on the
AstroPuppies in Space DVD. **