Giant Leap

Verse 1
Three astronauts flew to the moon,
Back in 1969
They saw its craters, oh so low,
and its mountains so high.

Their space suits gave them air to breathe,
Because the moon has none,
And kept them safe from the heat and cold,
So they could have some fun.

They placed the flag in the rocky dirt,
And spoke these words with pride:
“That’s one small step for a man,
One giant leap for mankind.”

Verse 2
They jumped up high, almost to the sky,
Because they didn’t weigh much.
They bounced and spun and leaped about.
The ground they barely touched.

They left their footprints in the dust.
Forever will they stay,
Because there is no wind or rain,
To wipe them all away.

(repeat chorus)

Verse 3
The astronauts flew back to the Earth,
And waved goodbye to the moon.
O, what a trip in a rocket ship.
I hope I go there soon!

Words by Kathy Marty. Music by Tim Tully.
©2008 Tim Tully Music. All rights reserved.

** Use these lyrics to help children learn the words
to the songs on the
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