Ridin' in a Rocket

Ridin' in a rocket, great big rocket.
Ridin' in a rocket, hang on tight!
Ridin' in a rocket, see my rocket.
Ridin' in a rocket, what a sight!
Verse 1
I see the Moon,
Winkin' at me.
He stays up all night you see.
I see the Sun,
Glowing bright red.
She wakes me up when I’m in bed.
(repeat chorus)

Verse 2
I see the planets,
Circling the Sun.
Gee, I’m having so much fun!
I see the stars,
Twinkling up high,
Billions of them up in the sky.
(repeat chorus)

Verse 3
I see the Earth,
Oceans bright blue.
Forests and mountains are there, too.
I see my friends,
Dancing around.
Gee, I’m glad I’m homeward bound.

Words by Kathy Marty. Music by Tim Tully.
©2008 Tim Tully Music. All rights reserved.


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to the songs on the
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