Solar Flare

Verse 1
The sun is a star that shines in the day.
It’s big and it’s hot and it’s so far away.
The sun is round all around like a ball.
It gives us light and helps flowers grow tall.

Verse 2
The sun and the rain are best friends, you know.
When they meet and hold hands they make a rainbow.
In a warm sunny sun, I smile the day long,
And twirl and jump up and sing silly songs.

Verse 3
I love how a day at the beach makes me giggle
As I push my toes in the sand with a wiggle.
Puppies are fond of the sun and the sand,
But don’t want to burn while they’re getting a tan.

Remember! Never look straight at the sun,
And wear suntan lotion while having your fun!

Words by Kathy Marty. Music by Tim Tully.
©2008 Tim Tully Music. All rights reserved.

** Use these lyrics to help children learn the words
to the songs on the
AstroPuppies in Space DVD. **