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In addition to the valuable resources found in the links to the left, there are numerous internet resources for teaching space and astronomy in the classroom or at home. These are some of our favorites.

NASA Educators
An invaluable resource loaded with classroom activities, reading materials, educational tools and NASA images.

Space Science Education Resource Directory
This NASA website has an extensive list of space science links on subjects from asteroids to space missions, and gravity to telescopes.

Lunar Learning
Plant growth will be an important part of future space exploration as NASA plans for long-duration missions to the moon. Astronauts may be able to grow plants on the moon to supplement their meals. NASA's Engineering Design Challenge: Lunar Plant Growth Chamber calls on elementary, middle and high school students to design, build and evaluate lunar plant growth chambers. Students can use simple materials, including yarn, sponges, plastic food containers, masking tape, plastic water bottles and drinking straws, to construct their plant growth chambers.

NASA Earth and Space Education Update
Subscribe to this monthly email newsletter featuring the latest Earth and space science programs and resources for all levels of formal and informal education. To subscribe, send an email to esenewsletter@hq.nasa.gov. Back issues are available online.

Busy Teachers' WebSite K-12/Astronomy
An excellent, extensive list of links to astronomy lesson plans, classroom activities, space exploration, resources for the classroom, and more. A valuable resource for teachers and home-schooling parents. A few examples:

On Amazing Space, a website designed for elementary students to learn about the solar system, you can find Teaching Tools, Solar System Trading Cards, Tonight's Sky, a monthly video stargazing guide, and much more.

The CERES Project, developed by a team of master teachers, university faculty, and NASA researchers, is a series of web-based, classroom-ready activities for K-12 students.

The Schoolyard Solar System was developed to demonstrate the solar system to scale; to show the relationship between units of thousands, millions, and billions; and to accomplish these goals with student involvement that will re-enforce the lessons.

StarChild, a NASA learning center for young astronauts, has lesson plans, information and activities to engage, excite, and educate students in the classroom or at home.


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